London Based Interior Designer Launch Online Store

London Based Interior Designer Launch Online Store

Pots&Weave is claiming its position in the world of interior decor one eclectic piece at a time. Through its work with leading London design firms, bringing new, bold, and unique decor items to the UK market, they have established a wide-reaching network of worldwide suppliers. This network of suppliers enables Pots&Weave to curate and place stylistically post-modern furniture, with the intent to become a champion of the avant-garde, in the realm of interior decor.

Its unique blend of carefully chosen pieces offers any space that unique, yet calming feel that makes any space feel fresh yet classy. There is something for everyone at Pots&Weave whether you are a professional interior designer, decorator or simply a lifestyle and or aesthetic enthusiast.



The objective at Pots&Weave is to do the work so you don't have to. The collection provides clarity through a streamlined offering of exquisite pieces in a world of infinite and overwhelming choice. Quality is paramount, bringing constant emphasis on quality above all else, across the breadth and depth of its decorative offerings.

The focus required to build such a unique and refined collection is an inevitable product of their passion for design that resonates throughout the collection. This very same passion drives Pots & Weave to keep their offering and lines dynamic as they continue to track the pulse of modern design and décor.



This dynamism also adds a sense of rarity and exclusivity to their collections as some of the more unique items come in limited availability.

When choosing your next statement furniture piece or accompanying fabric, you are presented with high-quality multi-angle product images including measurements, and a tailored service ensuring any product you purchase is to your specific requirement.

Whether you are decorating a perfectly blank canvas, looking to gift one of their stunning pieces to a loved one, or hoping to add a standout piece to your home, have peace of mind when shopping at Pots&Weave.

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