A Collection Reimagined

A Collection Reimagined

At PotsandWeave we value the influence a space can make on a person’s mindset. A space can act as the outward expression of an individual’s state of mind. The Reimagine Collection  is grounded by the provision of items that enable one to reframe mind and thought, practice rebuilding, and achieve the potential in one’s life.


Give time for reflection and refocusing on the fundamentals of a well-curated space. Simple shapes, block colours, and neutral hues, grounded in nature’s finest raw and earthly materials, woods, metals and leathers. Leverage this collection to clear the noise, leaving room for an open mind, piecing together simplistic, individually artistic pieces that can stand independently and elegantly alone or with other pieces to form a gentle symphony.

The Reimagine Collection is the first collection to christen the new PotsandWeave look and what a way to usher us in. With woods, metals, leathers, and neutral tones, the collection is defined, bringing a series of statement, subtly, masculine pieces, to exist well in living rooms, dining rooms, studies or entrance halls.

We are very proud of this collection, although small, still very impactful as will be held very close to us as the debut of our new facelift.


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