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The Reimagine Collection is the first collection to christen the new PotsandWeave look, with woods, metals, leathers, and neutral tones. The collection brings a series of statement, subtle, masculine pieces, pairing well in living rooms, dining rooms, studies or entrance halls.

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The design of one's home is viewed as the intentional expression of self. The carefully placed, angled or tilted piece of art is put into place, unconsciously pleasing, providing peace, provoking thought, movement, calm or motivation. This is how we value design at PotsandWeave. With a true passion for all things interior design, the team at PotsandWeave continue to diligently provide a carefully curated collection of high-quality products to our clients.


Interior style is about more than paint and colours. It’s about creating visual interest to excite the mind, soothe the soul and elicit emotion. Our selection is a unique combination of Modernism, Minimalism and Maximalism designs. With clean lines and elevated textures to add the extra touch to any space in your home. Our lines are constantly evolving, constantly adapted and changing and we hope you can join the movement.

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As well as providing an ever-evolving catalogue, we are able to customise select products to particular specifications. These may include fabric type and colour, all subject to availability.

For more information please contact us.

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  • Bromley Road

    "Great quality product, I'm always getting compliments as it's just so unique""

  • Hertfordshire

    "The team at PotsandWeave have been so great at helping me achieve my dream space, it was a huge blessing during lockdown"

  • London

    "The products are such high quality, the staff are very helpful, even when I wanted to make some last-minute changes to my order"